Dr. Rob Konopaske
Texas State University, USA

Associate Professor and Director of the Institute for Global Business Management at McCoy College of Business

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing Bobcats work closely in virtual teams with students from around the world. The students did a great job adjusting to eight-hour time zone, cultural, and communication differences while researching and analyzing key questions facing the business world today. It was an absolute pleasure to mentor these highly motivated and engaged individuals.

Dr. Pilar Morera, Universitat de Girona, Spain
Vice dean for international relations at Faculty of Business and Economics

To participate in the Hackoffice project is an excellent opportunity. It allows students to interact with an international team. Also, these benefits are for professors and institutions involved.

Juan Camilo Sánchez, Universida de Ibagué, Colombia
International Business Program Professor

Hackathon was a great experience for our students. It allowed them to have an international experience with students from different countries through a cross cultural teamwork. Also, as teachers, it allowed us to share experience with our peers from other universities and establish work networks and besides, for Universidad de Ibagué to be recognized in different countries. One word to summarize the experience would be challenging. And we are so proud to be part of it.

Dr. Dimitrios Chatzoudes
International Hellenic University, Greece
Adjunct Professor in the Democritus University of Thrace, Greece

It's an experience every student should live during their studies. Students learned a lot, by working under pressure in multinational teams, and we had the chance to connect theory with practice, in the following lectures.

Dr. Meryl Rosenblatt
Molloy College, USA
Associate Professor, School of Business.

The Hackathon was a wonderful opportunity for Molloy students to engage in a collaborative activity that resulted in problem-solving and knowledge-building. Working on multi-country teams, these students were exposed to an international environment that helps them to broaden and deepen their cross-cultural perspectives. This has become more important as our students are graduating into an increasingly integrated international environment in which they will both work and live. This was also a chance for students to develop and strengthen skills valued by employers such as team building, creativity, organization, and innovativeness.
For Molloy College, the Hackathon proved to be an example of how international partnerships can produce successful educational programs. As an educator and mentor, it was incredibly rewarding to work with this group of aspiring and motivated students. It was a chance to strengthen existing relationships with a network of academics, and to meet new colleagues from different countries and academic disciplines

Dr. Floyd Quinn
Texas State University, USA

We enjoyed working with our international colleagues and their students. It provided us an opportunity to collaborate with our international friends and contribute to the educational experiences of students from across the globe. How wonderful!

Beata Malik-Kozłowska (MBA, Lecturer)

Rafał Rydzewski (Teaching and research assistant, Manager of Management Study Program)
University of Economics Katowice, Poland

The Hackathon was a unique experience and the event was perfectly organized. It is a great example of an initiative that connects universities and brings people and ideas together. Working 24 hours in international teams, students could practise their interpersonal skills, time management, and working in virtual teams. We truly enjoyed this challenge, it was a fantastic opportunity to meet mentors and students from other universities.

Georgios Theriou, PhD
International Hellenic University, Greece

Associate Professor - Management Science and Technology Department

Our students experienced a unique challenge, working in multidisciplinary and multicultural teams in a 24-hour project. Exposure to digital cooperation, different time-zones, diversified communication styles and new knowledge, were all part of the Hackathon mix. The event was also a pleasant and fruitful experience for us, working as mentors for some of these teams. Finally, our university had the opportunity to enhance its internationalization efforts despite recent restrictions on travel and campus access due to the Pandemic. Looking forward to Hackathon 2022!