Watch and read testimonials from Hackoffice participants of 2021

"Provocative - Challenging - Exciting"
Ivan Orlando Mendez Moreno - Hackoffice 2021
Universidad de Ibagué - Colombia

"Funny - Wonderful - Challenging"
Daniela Alejandra Triana Pacheco - Hackoffice 2021
Universidad de Ibagué - Colombia

"Fun - Challenging - Unforgettable"
Catalina Murillo Acosta - Hackoffice 2021
Universidad de Ibagué - Colombia

"Innovative - Extraordinary - Adventure"
Karoll Alexandra León García - Hackoffice 2021

Universidad de Ibagué - Colombia

Katherine Lutter
Texas State University, USA

The Hackathon gave me a real idea of what it is like to work with a truly international and remote team. It required patience, open-mindedness, understanding, and good time management. I will admit, it was difficult at times, especially the later it got, but this was a great opportunity to learn, grow, and create connections that span the globe. One that I would gladly do again.


Karolina Wojtowicz
University of Economics in Katowice, Poland

For me participation in Hackathon 2021 was the best thing I did in 2021. I feel that helped me to improve my soft skills like working in a team (what is important - MULTINATIONAL team) and managing the time. What's more after this event I feel more comfortable with English - I am not afraid of speaking and my language skills are much better than before! The most important thing is that I got out of my comfort zone and.. I love it! It was really challenging event but it's worth of every effort.I really encourage everyone to participate - it is an unforgettable adventure!
It's an experience for life! 🤗


Sergi Bassó Babià
Universitat de Girona, Spain

Don't hesitate to participate in the competition, it has been marvelous! Knowing many people from different countries and cultures, being able to gain confidence with them and many other things, makes the Hackathon a unique experience. The competition requires some sacrifices but, at the end, the benefits are bigger. If you need a 'mentor' in future competitions I will be always glad to help.


Everita Vecberza
Banku Augstskola - Riga, Latvia

It was a great opportunity to broaden my horizon by working together with other students and mentors. Students from various countries (and 8h difference in timezones in our case), with different skillset and levels of expertise, worked together to achieve a shared goal - to write a report paper in 20 hours, as well as to present it. We worked hard together as a team, also mentors were always helpful and encouraging with their feedback and advice. This was an amazing opportunity to work at an international level, develop soft skills, develop time management and presentational skills, as well as to learn to appreciate sleep on a new level, and sometimes - to have a good laugh, stress-induced or not.

Three words: STRESS - TEAM - LAUGH

Vojtěch Drahokoupil 
Brno University of Technology - Czech Republic

An amazing opportunity that I very much enjoyed. I met some amazing people, learned a lot and enjoyed the whole 24 hours. My thanks goes to all of the mentors that helped us on the way. It was a great time that was 100% worth it.

Karoll Alexandra León García
Universidad de Ibagué, Colombia

For me representing the University of Ibagué and Colombia has been an educational and personal achievement, during the 24 hours I had the opportunity to enjoy the whole process with talented people, this event besides allowing me to develop or improve my skills in areas such as language and time management, leaves me a valuable experience and friends around the world. It is definitely one of the best memories of 2021.


Christel Koudenburg
Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen, Netherlands

When I told people that I was going to participate in a 24 hour during Hackathon there were two different reactions I received. Some people thought I was crazy. Other ones were really enthusiastic about this challenge I took. After doing this challenge I can say that I am glad that I signed up. I met other motivated students from all over the world and got to know them in a really short time. I would recommend a challenge like this to everyone!


Maria Alejandra Martines Estrada
Universidad de Ibagué, Colombia

I want to express my joy at having participated in the Hackathon and being one of the winners. Thanks to the guidance of the mentors we were able to make an excellent participation. It was not easy but it was totally worth it.

Darja Goloburda
Banku Augtskola Riga, Latvia

I would like to tell thank everyone who made this project, who participated, and who became my new friends in these 24 hours. This project was superb and the content was extremely informative and useful. We all have done a wonderful job and I appreciate our efforts.

Jesse Kort
Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen, Netherlands

The Hackathon was a very interesting to partake in and an experience to remember. This event was a great opportunity to work with people from different countries and backgrounds, which made it even more fun to participate in. The time pressure made it very challenging to plan ahead and work efficiently. I really enjoyed the Hackathon and will remember it for a long time.


Guillermo Berrojo Romeyro Mascarenhas
Mälardalen University, Sweden

Being able to participate in this event and represent my university was a truly unique, insightful and overall fantastic opportunity! I have to admit that it was probably one of the most intense 24 hours I have experienced, but it was so worth it. I had an amazing team and incredibly dedicated mentors that invested their time and energy for making the Hackathon one of the most incredible learning experiences in my life. I also would like to give a special thanks to Charlotta and Eva, for working so hard in organizing this event. I am leaving with very precious memories from this Hackathon and I give my most heartfelt recommendation for other people to sign up and experiencing it themselves.


Anna Filotheidou
International Hellenic University, Kavala, Greece

During this Hackathon, we were able to work with new people, exchange knowledge, get to know foreign cultures, and practice our skills in English language. Also, we had the opportunity to familiarise ourselves with a topic which is crucial to our generation and present our views and proposals about it. It was challenging, exhausting, and amazing! Our feelings were changing from excitement to curiosity to anxiety and back again, but the layout fuelled our motivation to work and develop as students and as individuals. It is a great opportunity not only to learn but also to make new friends.
I highly recommend it!


Selina Schäfer
TH Brandenburg - University of Applied Sciences Germany

Thank you for the oppotunity to take part in this amazing hackathon. It was an experience I wouldn't want to miss!

Daniela Alejandra Triana Pacheco
Universidad de Ibagué, Colombia

Despite being such a challenging event, I can only remember how fun and exciting it was! Being able to work with new people and get along well from the first moment we spoke was without a doubt the most beautiful experience I could have. Who would say that an event of only 24 hours could generate this wonderful experience of teamwork and above all, friends for life.


Anthony Bucek
Texas State University, USA

Wow. That is all I can say. What an incredible opportunity. From the minute I met my team, I couldn't contain my excitement for the competition. Being able to collaborate and work with people all across Europe was so much fun. Using MBTI to learn more about how our teammates thought was also a great idea! All in all, it was a fun event! Great work!

Three words: FUN - HECTIC - CAFFEINE!

Devids Kropacovs
Banku Augstskola - Riga, Latvia

Participating in the 24 hour hackathon gave me an excellent opportunity to work in a team of people from different countries and different cultures. It was interesting to test my strength to work
24 hours without rest, developing my idea.

Dominika Lichosik
University of Economics in Katowice, Poland

Taking part in Hackathon gave me a chance to meet and get to know amazing people. Furthermore, it made me a bit more confident when it comes to talking in English and presenting my work in front of different people. Time pressure is real but as we found out - nothing is impossible, and nothing stopped the teams from getting wonderful results at the end. The event was great I had so much fun participating and would highly recommend it to other students next year.


Arnau Robles
Universitat de Girona, Spain

Many thanks for all the event, for how good was structured and for bringing the opportunity to students to participate on it, I'm really thankful, and I'm hoping to hear from this project the next year and be able to take part again.