Watch and read testimonials from Hackoffice participants of 2020

"It was totally my pleasure of being part in this enthusiastic experience. Thanks for the opportunity!"
Biagio Nevigato - Hackoffice 2020
Mälardalen University - Sweden

"Thank you for this tremendous opportunity and I am looking forward for another mutual cooperation!"
Victoria Harea - Hackoffice 2020
Brno University of Technology - Czech Republic

"I would like to thank you for this amazing event. I am glad that I was able to partcipate."
Martin Ocko - Hackoffice 2020
Brno University of Technology - Czech Republic

Ondřej Šesták
Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic

"Hackathon was a great experience for me. Meeting new people, figuring out how to cooperate together, defining our project scope, working it out together and finally presenting our outcomes. This all and even more just in 24 hours! I take tons of lessons learned both from my colleagues and lecturers who were giving us their feedbacks along the way. Some moments were tough, very tough, but at the end, I remember them as good times. If you search for "life-hacks" to learn, experience and enjoy a lot in a very short time Hackathon is a perfect way you."


Ayelen Rojas Alvarez
Mälardalen University, Sweden

"I will gladly encourage students to participate! Thanks again for letting me be part of the Hackathon project, it was a very nice experience and I had a good time while doing it. If you need me as a 'Hackathon mentor' don't hesitate to contact me."

Calvin Miller
Texas State University, USA

"It was a well put together event. Thank you for this opportunity and this new experience. I thought this was a great use of 24 hours. At first I was skeptical but then really got into the event. Thank you so much! It was fun. I could possibly help in the future! Just keep me in reserve!"