Watch and read testimonials from Hackoffice participants of 2023

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Despina Gatidou
International Hellenic University, Greece

As a senior student, Hackathon was the best possible way to close my university years.

At first, I thought I wouldn't be able to make it until the end, but my team, all the participants and mentors gave me the motivation and the energy that I needed.

It was an experience that broadened my horizons and it was full of emotions. All the excitement, enthusiasm, stress, pressure and tiredness made Hackathon an unforgettable experience that for sure boosted my confidence.

Hackathon taught me so many things and gave me the opportunity to cooperate with people from other countries, exchange our knowledge, test my limits and make new friends.

Thanks, Hackathon, for this amazing experience.

It was something more than a competition!


Daniils Bokta
BA School of Business and Finance, Latvia

Participating in the wellbeing in the Hackoffice 2023 hackathon event was an incredible experience for me. As a student, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals from all over the world.

The diversity of perspectives and backgrounds in the group made for a truly enriching experience, which helped us all gain valuable insights into how to approach a difficult problem and create a solution for it in an extremely short time period. I especially want to thank my teammates for their drive and dedication. I feel even that even with time constraints, and being a team member short, we have managed to research and promote a great solution for an increasingly more actual problem.

Overall, I came away from the hackathon feeling energized and inspired, with a newfound sense of confidence in my ability to effect positive change. I would highly recommend attending an event like this to anyone who is interested in gaining insights and experience regarding the global workplace, and participating in international work and research environments.

George Thimiou
International Hellenic University Kavala, Greece

Fantastic experience!!

Congratulations to my team, my professors Mr. Theriou & Mr. Chatzoudes, and all the other professors & students !!

Do not give up!!! Never!!!

This is my testimonial for future students!!

Hackathon "teach "you how to collaborate in limit time with results, & how to play team work !

My purpose, also to participate, was to show to my two little daughters that they were watching me during the project, that we never give up !

Leading by example!!

David Santiago Hernández Bermeo
University of Ibagué, Colombia

I am happy to have been able to participate in the Hackathon 2023, it was an experience full of learning and gratification, in which I was able to develop activities in a multicultural group with which we investigate and learn together about the importance of some issues that involve us as it is well-being and health at work, on the other hand, it was an experience of challenges due to the continuous 24h journey in which I experienced stress, worry, joy and
satisfaction for the results obtained, even overcoming adversities such as the internet connection. I am also aware that I could have made a little more effort to achieve all the
proposed challenges and present better quality work with greater professionalism.

Thanks Hackathon 2023 for giving me this wonderful learning opportunity!

Sabina Kvasnicová 
Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic

This experience was very challenging in the way to stay awake. I must say that all that stress was worth it after we just gave our presentation at 1. Am so grateful for my team and very nice mentors we had during this challenging 24 hours.

I thought I would never make it to the end but it was possible. Thank you for this opportunity I will never forget for sure.

Dominik Doseděl
Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic

For me was Hackathon really good experience. I liked working with strangers from different countries. Important qualities that I practiced through this experience were time management, cooperation, working under pressure, searching for new information and much more.

Despite the fatigue and slight stress, I rate this experience positively.

Héloïse Soubeyrat
Mälardalen University, Sweden

To start with this testimonial, I would like to tell about how much this experience taught me. 24h is short and really long at the same time, it's really tiring but we all made it. The topics were interesting and broad enough to find a research question that fits with everyone. Working with other people
around the world was also a great experience. It is nice to see how cultural differences influence the way of studying. However, it was also difficult sometimes to all agree on somethings because of communications problems. The level of studies and in English was not the same, so everyone had to adapt and be patient with every team mate. It can slow down the process but it is also a great challenge. This experience taught me a lot and I'm convinced it's going to help me in my future career.

I feel like I acquired a lot of team management skills. I also learned how much it can be difficult to work with an international team, especially because of the time difference, cultural differences and communication barriers.

I'm proud of the work we did but I am also a little bit frustrated because we didn't have time to make it perfect by correcting everything and make sure that the way of writing was the same everywhere. I also feel like not everyone was invested at the same percentage, but they all did the job and were open to suggestions. I'm grateful for spending this event with them.

So to conclude, I had a great time doing this project with my team mates. It was an interesting experience I don't regret to have participated in.

Thank you for this great opportunity